Ffensio MD Fencing

Little things go a long way

We go the extra mile, giving fine attention to detail in order to give a fantastic finished product that truly does the job!

By reverse engineering the common faults found in the typical agricultural strained wire fence, we counter these with specialist skills including:

Termination Knots

  • wire is wrapped around the strainer and tied back on itself in a way that won't unravel over time, or on impact
  • tensioned wire does not rely on the "pinch fix" of a staple, unlike traditional / basic methods
  • force of strain is shared equally around the back of the strainer, reducing rotation force to the post, which may fail over time

Planed Struts & Chiselled Mortice

  • smooth, square strut is planed for a tight fix, not relying on nail
  • mortice is carefully notched out with a sharp chisel
  • water tight joint, preventing the strainer from rotting from the centre out

Bracings & Turners

  • Straining and turning posts are expertly braced according to ground conditions
  • Underground work
  • Footing with anti-lift plates

All of our fences are designed and installed to withstand the challenges they may face during their lifespan, be it a temporary 5 year fence, or a 50 year investment, we don't cut corners.

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