Ffensio MD Fencing

Electric Fencing

Usable for multiple purposes from permanent boundary fencing, to semi-permanent paddock sub-divisions. Effective for cattle, sheep, horses and more!

An increasingly popular, modern way of fencing. With good voltage and a sound earthing system, you can effectively manage stock through this psychological barrier, at a fraction of the cost of your typical farm fence.

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Effective, Cheap, Versatile.

An obvious, and stable choice for Dairy Cattle farming infrastructure, where a single electrified wire is all that's needed in most cases.
But as the modern agriculture sector progresses, sheep and cattle farmers have seen the benefit of pasture management methods such as rotational grazing, where fields are split into smaller paddocks, grazed by livestock, and then allowed to recover and regenerate.

Implementing these controlled grazing methods improves soil and animal health, land productivity and of course, profit.

Electric fencing is the most cost effective and simple way of subdividing fields into more manageable paddocks. Very often, land owners will see their investment returned in only a few years!

We provide a professional fencing system that's fit for purpose, and earth installation that will retain a high voltage throughout the year.

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